Our Services

“Don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk.” We do all the things we say we do. With Essential Home Watch Services, we don’t just walk through, and we’re done. Our service provides you with a thorough walk-through beginning with the exterior, followed by the interior, and then the garage. A flashlight and camera phone are our most important tools. We take a picture of your thermostat so you can see what the temperature is set at. Then we set the alarm, if available, walk out and lock the door. Return the key to our mobile key caddy. No personal information except initials is on the key tab. Key caddy is taken inside and locked up each night.

So, if you leave your home for six days or six months, you can rest assured that everything is just the way you left it, or things will be brought to your attention immediately. So, you can stay informed and on top of the situation.

Essential Home Watch Services offers the following services adapted to fit your needs and budget.

Exterior Check

  • Visual inspection and walk around the property.
  • Check for intrusion or vandalism.
  • Check for water or storm damage.
  • Check for rodent droppings.
  • Check the sprinkler system. Change watering days on the unit, if needed.
  • Check landscaping is performed correctly. (Believe it or not, landscapers are known to skip a
    week when homeowners are absent.)
  • Check and fill the pool if needed. (Water does evaporate.)
  • Storm prep. Bring in or secure patio furniture. After the storm, replace furniture and inspect for damage.
  • Check the boat dock. Raise the boat in case of a water surge.
  • Water outside plants and feed fish in fishponds.

Interior Check

  • While performing our walk through we visually and manually check the following:
  • Turn on water source for inspection, turn off when finished with inspection.
  • Run all faucets in sinks, tubs and showers. (Reduces drain gnats, we can use diy solution if needed.)
  • Check for water leaks under sinks.
  • Turn on garbage disposal. (It will freeze up)
  • Change smoke detector batteries, when needed.
  • Check all appliances, especially refrigerator and freezer, in case of power outage.
  • Check ceiling for roof leaks.
  • Check for termite and bug infestations.
  • Check all windows and doors are locked and secured.
  • Check thermostat is set at desired temperature.
  • Check and change air filters, pour vinegar down ac drain monthly.
  • Water inside plants.
  • Bring in mail and packages.
  • Check timer for lights or rotate lights.
  • Open and close sliders, lubricate as needed.


  • Open and close garage doors.
  • Check for mold and mildew.
  • Check ceiling for roof leaks.
  • Run water in any sinks.
  • Check vehicles, start if requested.
  • Drive car, put air in tires, charge batteries if requested.
  • Check any appliances, especially refrigerators and freezers. (yes, we have stories)
  • Make sure doors and windows are locked and secured.
  • Visual check on EVs, such as Tesla’s

Additional Services

Additional charges apply

  • Wait service\Key holding. Coordinate deliveries, AC repair, appliance repair, pest control.
  • Mail forwarding, even though you have stopped mail delivery or had it forwarded, the post office may still deliver. We will sort out and forward the important mail.
  • Grocery shopping before your arrival, so you don’t have to run right out to the store.
  • Housekeeping: come home to fresh bed sheets, clean bathrooms, and dust-free home. Coming home to a clean and fresh home beats a locked-up musty smell.
  • VRBO and Air B&B walk-through for damages. (In Florida they sometimes become party places. Again, stories we can tell.)
  • Housekeeping of your rental.


We use a home watch software that sends a report, time and date we visited, or if you prefer, we can give you a personal call.

Remember, we are part of the family. Just like a bartender, people seem to talk to us about everything, LOL


We accept cash, checks, Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal